Business Strategy, What is it and Why is it important?

A Business Strategy is a high-level plan designed to achieve a set of business objectives in order to enhance the company’s performance and help you achieve your ideal business.

Plans can be mapped out to cover an upcoming period in time for your business. Many businesses work on plans for their next 5 and 3 years, then broken down into 1 year and a quarterly strategy.

But why is the business strategy so important? The answer is quite simple: a company without a solid business strategy may as well be compared to a destination one wants to take but without any roadmap; we know where we want to arrive eventually, but we have no idea how are we going to do that and what alternatives we have in case we took the wrong path.



That being said, we can assume that a successful business strategy is built when various criteria are met, such as:

  • Create a vision
  • Concentrate on the most important targets
  • Plan on how to overcome the roadblocks and the course of the attack
  • Undertake a reality check in order to compare the theoretical plan with the ongoing one
  • Design the strategic framework

Many businesses plod along without a clear strategy and never achieve the success they deserve.

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