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Business Coaching with a Difference

At Mybiz, we are different to other coaches.  Our approach to business coaching is to collaborate with business owners to achieve goals using a way that is fresh to the industry. 

Counsulting vs Coaching

The biggest difference between business coaching and business consulting can be defined as who holds the power.

  • Consultants hold the power whilst a Coach allows the client to hold the power.


  • Consultants provide the answer while a Coach helps the client find their own answer.

This is critical to how we work with our clients.  


We coach all our clients.  We ensure they hold the power.  We guide, support and bring know-how to all aspects of the business helping them reach their goals, encouraging and supporting clients to set more ambitious goals as their level of achievement grows, feeding a virtuous cycle of success.


It’s not about barking orders, it’s about careful understanding of where each person is, the role they play, and ensuring that when change does happen, everyone involved is excited to go on the journey.

Don't just take our word for it...


These packages create the foundations of a successful biz. You may have heard of working on your biz not in it, and that’s the aim here.


To optimise is to make the most of what you already have. Ensuring all aspects of the biz are operating at peak efficiency and, interacting effectively together.


It’s often said your people are your greatest resource. Biz people is all about bringing the best out of your people.

What makes us different?

mybiz is different from other operators as we combine complete business coaching, consulting and advisory services that are adaptable and reactive to your needs as a client.

We also work closely with trusted referral partners to ensure a complete business solution.

  • We offer business solutions that suit the need of the client as we recognise no two businesses are the same.
  • We focus on the actions that make the difference in the business now.
  • We bridge the gap between knowing and doing.
  • We remove the risk. All you have to do is make a start.

We have over 60 years combined professional experience covering all areas of business, across different sectors.