Group coaching for Biz owners

Are you ready to grow your business in the next 12 months

• Are you frustrated that your business is not where it needs to be and the challenges are never ending?

• Are you struggling to find time to achieve the things you want to do?

• Are you unsure of what to do next?

• Do you need accountability?

• Do you feel unsupported in your role as business owner?

• Would you value a team of people to discuss new ideas and issues with?

If You said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then consider our Biz.Group programme

So how does it work? works on a quarterly cycle with fortnightly group meetings.

We start with setting a 90 day plan outlining the goals and objectives for the quarter ahead, then meet fortnightly to :-

  • Review progress and acknowledge wins
  • Work with you to overcome hurdles and obstacles that will inevitably arise and
  • Hold you accountable for achievement of the plan
Working with input from your Mybiz Coach, along with tapping into the experience in the room, we work together with a library of tools and resources focusing on the strategies and projects that will create success to your biz

Too often we hear business owners say they feel like a slave to their business. Your business is there to serve you; not the other way around. This programme is designed to help you regain control of your business, unlock your true potential and achieve the results you want.

There are so many ways you can improve your results. We want you to have the opportunity to learn best practice in a highly supportive group format with non-competing business peers. The sessions allow you to take time out from the day to day activities in the business to focus on your business. Biz.Grow operates like your Board of Directors.

Benefits of Biz.Group

  • Set time frames for achieving your goals and be held accountable to achieving them
  • Define Your ideal Income, Freedom and Scale for You and Your business.
  • Identify the steps you need to take to achieve your goals
  • Achieve sustainable business growth
  • Create a business that serves You.
  • Prioritise and align your key goals
  • Eliminate procrastination

The key benefit –

Reduced Stress