Some people prefer to learn working one -on-one in person or via zoom.


This program is designed to start at the beginning by providing you the tools, templates and teaching you the process to figure out :-

  • where your business is at now,
  • where you want to be in the future,
  • specifically, what you Ideal Business looks like and
  • then what you need to do to get there.

The program covers all aspects of business where you can make improvement and uses the latest ‘best practice’ learnings from businesses who have achieved what they set out to do.

Our job is to provide you the tools, processes and wisdom to get you to where you want to be.

Your job is to learn and make positive changes.

Remember the definition of Insanity… Continuing to do what you have always done, expecting a different result’

The sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. They are designed to be taken either as a series for a comprehensive program or individually to address specific needs. 

Times will be agreed upon booking and flexibility will be available.

Start with the end in mind. Get clarity on what you want from your business and take stock of where you are now (SWOT).

Define your business Purpose, Values and Culture so you can set your Strategy for success. Learn how highly effective, high performing people become that way.

This 90 minute session provides you the plan to guide your business over the next 12 months to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Personalized leadership profiling.

We will take you through self-analysis process (DISC) that will help you understand why staff and customers act the way they do. Understanding how to communicate with people that have different characteristics, sets the foundations for a strong leader that people will follow.

Understanding your profile gives you the ability to play to your strengths and manage around your weaknesses, so you can develop your business and lead your team.

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How to build your Ideal business focusing on Income, Freedom and Scale. Set your target then identify the 9 key projects across the 3 areas of your Business where money is ‘made or lost’. 

A clear strategy is critical to set the business plan in motion. This session will help you decide what is important for you to focus on and set priorities over the coming 3 months.

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Learn how to convert problems into bankable results. Carry out a Time Audit and understand how to manage time in a manner that optimises your performance through the utilisation of our Time Tools process.

This session helps you to manage your time better with tools and systems. You will learn a simple process to systemise your business.

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Make more money with the same amount of work. Assess your business conditions for its ability to make money from margins. Working on our “margin sharpeners” to create an action plan.

Many businesses undersell the value of what they deliver. This session will generate more profit to your bottom line.

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This is a workshop for you and your team.

Working with your team we facilitate a team workshop to establish the rules of the game that will shape the culture of the business.

This includes an initial one-on-one meeting with you to set the scene for the upcoming session.

This session reinforces the vision and values for your team to become a passionate and committed crew who want to perform for your benefit and theirs.

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Is your business serving you as well as it could? Are there opportunities to tune and optimise?

This session provides you the tools to dig deep into your business and identify what you can really achieve if you set your mind to it.

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The Quality Spiral… How we work together as a team relies on how we communicate together to achieve the desired outcome.

High performing teams, whether in sports or business, are built on excellent two-way communication. Communication on shared goals and objectives, standards of operation, the resources available, and the agreed standards of conduct.

Here we take you through a process to understand communication methodology and its importance in building a high performing team.

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How to make your easiest money, without chasing more work, even if you think all sales, are good sales.

Not all sales generate the same amount of profit, your better clients are easy to deal with, are happy to pay your prices and tell others about you. But youre not so good client are a different story. The question is can you tell the difference before you transact?

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